di Angiolino Zappella Angiolino S.r.l - Corso Papa Giovanni XXIII, 15/a - 24060 GRONE (Bg-Italy) -
Tel. +39.035.820119 - Fax +39.035.822319  VAT IT 01073560169
The MECCANICA ZAPPELLA is active from thirty years in the sector of the mechanics, it performs a production of medium-large dimensions in turning, reaming and milling. It is equipped for constructions of unique or small series in the most varied technical solutions required by the client with specific cycles of production, thermal treatments and surfacing.
Capacity of turning from pieces of small dimensions until to shaft of length 5 m. for a diameter of over 1000 mm Reaming also over the 1800 mm of length for 1200 mm of height.
It provides in system of insurance both the quality of the products and the materials, both in supply and in account job.
A great deal of prestigious Italian Companies are our clients.
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assieme particolari di grandi dimensioni
Examples of components normally made
Bussola eccentrica dentata rettificata   ruota d.1000
Examples of components normally made
Examples of components normally made